Happy International Womyn’s Day !!

Harsh Ghodkar
4 min readMar 8, 2021


If you came to read and tell me about the spelling mistake I did in the title, welcome, I was waiting for you. 8th March is celebrated as International Women’s day, tons of posts are made on various topics such as “Feminism”, “Women Empowerment” and famous woman personalities such as Marie Curie, Kalpana Chawla, Mary Kom, etc. Women have proven that they are equal to men in every field. Its an well established fact. Its hard to imagine that not even a century ago women used to fight for their rights to vote.

The complete global community has made vast progress and major steps have been taken in order to uplift the society as a whole. Well it ain’t an ideal world and all positive things which are happening do have some bugs and glitches. One of these glitches is Fake Feminism.

Womyn is a word which is used in order to avoid the suffix of -man, -men. When I look at existence of such words this is not the face of the society the strugglers back then wanted to see. Feminism means equalizing the rights of man and woman and no discrimination should be done for either gender.Yet majority of the people think that being a feminist means promoting women over men, which is a totally wrong definition.

Promoting gender equality is something which needs to be worked on. The society is still working on it and I am happy with the enormous progress which are been made on a daily basis.

The other topic I want to highlight on is we need to stop objectifying women. Words like “trophy wife” where a woman is just treated as a trophy to showcase and is appreciated for her beauty. There are various advertisements about products where women are shown to get attracted to the man who is using those products. There are many products such as perfumes, clothes etc where such scenarios are shown. What people tend to miss are even if they are using these products and these products would just help them get attraction. Using quality products doesn’t bring quality to the ethics of a guy. Being a pervert in a dashing suit doesn’t help, period. Well apparently no feminists would go aginst such ads cause the guy who is in the advertisement is quite hot. Numerous such advertisements are consumed by the kids of today and young perspective get molded in such a way.

This might seem like a very small point but considering the impact of such things on young generation and muiltiplying it with the population of the number of kids watching it , the number does become pretty high.

I consider that this relay race where one generation passes the etiquettes to the next generation is a window which allows to break stereotypes and the gives the breeding space for establishing quality etiquttes. Right now the millenials are the frontline who will be taking this responsibilites of filling the potholes in the society. There are several issues in the society rightnow and looking back in the history we have came a long way to be at the place we are at today. What I intend to spread to the readers is that every action of yours counts towards developing the future society. If you have a younger sibling, he/she looks at you as a role model. How is your nature towards females, how do you talk to other people, how do you behave in different situation.

I am not suggesting that you are getting judged at every single step, I am making you realize that you could change someone’s perspective just by how you behave. We millenials have a lot on our shoulders , let’s not waste this oppurtunity and progress unitedly towards a successful society where everyone is treated equally, no discrimination on any agendas are done. All people are considered equal and everyone has equal choices and priviledges.

Women’s day is celebrated to glorify the tasks done by women and encourage them to grow, we men also need to put in our work and help them grow. Let it be symbiotic as that’s how everything should be , equal equal.

Happy International Women’s day !!



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