Deep Dive on Filecoin & IPFS use cases in the Solana ecosystem

Filecoin and IPFS

Use cases

"price": 1.0,
"number": 10,
"gatekeeper": null,
"solTreasuryAccount": "<YOUR WALLET ADDRESS>",
"splTokenAccount": null,
"splToken": null,
"goLiveDate": "25 Dec 2021 00:00:00 GMT",
"endSettings": null,
"whitelistMintSettings": null,
"hiddenSettings": null,
"storage": "ipfs",
"ipfsInfuraProjectId": <ADD_PROJECT_ID>,
"ipfsInfuraSecret": <ADD_SECRET_KEY>,

"nftStorageKey": null,
"awsS3Bucket": null,
"noRetainAuthority": false,
"noMutable": false
const node = await IPFS.create()const data = 'Hello, Buildooor'const results = node.add(data)for await (const { cid } of results) {
// CID (Content IDentifier) uniquely addresses the data
// and can be used to get it again.
const node = await IPFS.create()const stream ='QmQHXWBEM4xGySEcxf7MdaeKb453zAvkF8oRXRVQ9tqN9E')
let data = ''
for await (const chunk of stream) {
// chunks of data are returned as a Buffer, convert it to string
data += chunk.toString()

Awesome Developer Tools

import { Web3Storage } from '';

// Construct with token and endpoint
const client = new Web3Storage({ token: apiToken });



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